Ray Edge

Ray's Celebration of Life

Kind Words About Ray

"My memories of Raymond speak to his inspiration, his guidance, he sense of humour. In many ways he inspired me to be a homeopath, he guided me in how to heal and at all times made it all very real." - John Somerton
"Ray gave a spark to our community and created so many stars of homeopathy with his vision. Ray gave us the passion to send these sparks out to our patients and their communities. I will always remember him as a star in my life." - Lisa Decandia
"Ray was an extraordinary fellow and he made huge contributions to our field. A good soul and very giving." - Alan Schmuckler
"What a long wonderful journey I shared with him from the beginning of the school. What a truly tremendous gift he gave to the homeopathic community with the school. So many students were touched by his presence and vision." - Joan Weir
"Raymond has had a tremendous impact on my career as a homeopath. He was my supervisor for my externship. He kindly and patiently guided me to the right remedy. When I receive the news I started telling my grown up daughter what a kind, wonderful, and patient person he was. He was always so calm and peaceful." - Sandra Dahlberg
"Ray was such a bright light and one of the best people I ever met." - Sarah Trask
"Raymond have served as a source of inspiration for me to persevere in my dream of becoming a Licensed Homeopath. I listened to Raymond’s music and found it inspiring and it gave off such good energy. I truly admired how he was able to be an accomplished musician and an accomplished groundbreaker in Homeopathy in Canada and worldwide as well." - Oni Cummings
"This is all a beautiful tribute to an exceptional being. My heart is so heavy for the passing of Ray from this world. It truly feels the world is diminished without his presence. The hundreds of seeds he has planted are and will continue to flower and spread his message of compassion, kindness, generosity, joy and love." - Kanan Patel
"As we say in Judaism, may his memory be a blessing. And as an alumna of CCHM, I know that his memory is a blessing. Raymond's legacy is admirable and without question. His work establishing a Homeopathy school, and talent and creativity assuring its excellence, have touched and changed the lives not just of its graduates, but the thousands of patients who have regained their health as a result of his vision and perseverance." - Robin Daniel
"It is with great sincerity and humility that I offer my condolences on the passing of our friend and colleague. My sympathies not only to his wife and partner Joyce, but to all who knew and loved him. He will be missed. My fondest memories of Raymond have nothing to do with homeopathy, to which he contributed greatly, but relate to his gifts as a musician and singer. What a wonderful voice! The voice of an angel." - John Millar
"Ray has left us the most amazing legacy and community. What a blessing he was to the world." - Kerry Walker
"Ray was a pivotal person in my life for leading me in a direction of natural medicine and ultimately an amazing career. He will leave behind an amazing legacy with me." - Debbie Allen
"Dearest Ray, I'm writing to let you know what an incredibly inspirational man you have been to me. I'm not overstating the importance of how much your personality and passion for homeopathy has influenced my life. Whenever I think of my first days in learning homeopathy I always remember your passion when teaching and oh God, your humour! (I still tell your Jimson Weed /Stramonium story in class). You taught every class like you actually gave a damn about us. Go figure eh? That's not always the case with teachers and mentors I learned so much from you in terms of the medical art, but even more so how to teach and serve my patients, always letting them know that I was there for them. You also taught me how being a good teacher is letting your own unique personality shine when you're teaching and that's what keeps students engaged. Not just rhyming off rubrics. I can hear your chuckle and hear your self-effacing voice in an instant, even 20 years later. It's very comforting even to this day, knowing that I learned from the best. Thank you for being such an incredibly generous and kind man, a homeopathic pioneer and for giving me the opportunity to do my small part in carrying on your work for the benefit of all. I'll do my best. Till we meet again. Much love and respect." - Jack Gagliardi
"We are so grateful that Ray was a part of our lives these past years. He will always remain with us in our hearts as a very gentle, funny, talented and generous man. We have fond memories of all our times together….and we are glad that Ray is at peace. He will be missed by many and will definitely shine on!" - Kim & Micki Elia
"I would have to say this college is run by caring, personal staff and especially professors who give a ___ too, for students’ excellence in practice. Homeopathy as a medical discipline is held to the highest standards at CCHM. I feel privileged that I got to graduate from CCHM. My wildest dreams could not have prepared me for what I get to do to help others and speak the light and love and truth it is to be a homeopath. Thank you, Ray for caring soooooo much. The world needed this college and I pray it can continue for many years to come." - Tama Prahlow
"My strongest memory of Raymond is that he was always telling jokes during his lectures. He loved the audience. Also, in the beginning, there were not many other lecturers on board, so we had him for almost every class. It was an adjustment in second year to see so much less of him (the other lecturers were not as attractive :) and didn't tell jokes)." - Sandra Phipps
"I appreciated Raymond’s philosophy and his open-mindedness. It was refreshing to learn from someone who practiced the art of Homeopathy along with the science." - Joy Schwartz
"It is sad to hear that homeopathy has lost a great propagator and a lovely human being. I always considered Raymond to be a real gentle man. He has now passed on from this transient world and it is wonderful to see the great contribution to homeopathy that Raymond has left behind. He did make a difference. I always felt a certain kinship with Raymond. We both started our colleges in the same year in 1994 and we both studied in England. Ray's college in Toronto and mine in Vancouver. He was always kind to me and I was always very happy to teach at his college when the possibility arose. HIs desire was to create a first class college and it came sincerely from his heart and his love of homeopathy." - Murray Feldman
"I will always remember Ray as a gentle soul, with a twinkle in his eye and kind words for all." - Nan Goebel
"I was so saddened to hear about Raymond's passing; I was in his second graduating class and thought very highly of him, as I'm sure everyone did. He was such a kind-hearted man, and the world is definitely a sadder place without him. I know personally from watching Raymond during our many hours of observing that he helped a lot of people, and they were so very lucky to have had an opportunity to have been a patient of his. He had so much compassion, a quietness, and a very sincere gentleness that aided his practice, as well as his teaching during class. Our class was so lucky, as at that time Raymond himself taught a lot of our classes, especially during our first two years. He was indeed my favourite instructor! He's even left a small piece in all of us whom had the good fortune to be taught by him, and in the many people who were touched by his healing, his music, his art, and his kindnesses." - Lani Htaniuk
"I remember doing my last year of study under Raymond's guidance. His comments were always insightful. I loved that he was so open minded when I suggested very "interesting" remedies for the cases....he, did, always insist that I support my rubric decisions! Raymond brought something very special to the world and something that I feel is even more needed now that ever before. He brought a choice and a different perspective. I am forever indebted to Raymond for giving me a space to learn to heal and to heal others. Thank you. Although most of the time the Americans have no idea of what homeopathy is, they are eager to learn and I have had fun teaching them. Raymond's legacy lives on not only just in me, but also in all the people who were graced with the opportunity to learn at The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine." - Erin Douglas
"Ray’s beautiful spirit became a permanent thread in my life: through school of course - his gentle way of guiding us students in homeopathy, and through his more social, musical and personal qualities that made the world a more harmonious place and a more hopeful planet. A great loss to this immediate world." - Izabella Kossobudzki
"I am deeply indebted to him for initiating, developing, and turning CCHM into a world-class center for Homeopathy study." - Rowena Villiaris
"I am incredibly grateful to Ray to have had the insight, knowledge and courage to establish CCHM. Such a lovely legacy he created, I am blessed to be a part of it." - Jennifer Scumaci
"Ray was truly a gracious, kind man with a great sense of humour. I always enjoyed seeing him at the school. And as a singer, I so enjoyed seeing him perform a couple of times in Toronto's west end." - Vera Fuke-Wilson
"I have been a distant student of CCHM for 5 years and think it’s imperative for others to know what influence Raymond Edge has had on me personally. He did review my work and grade my papers for about 3 years. He was not only talented, and I learned through his instructional comments on my philosophy assignments, what a unique person he was. He was one of the most animated people that cared deeply for others in order to bring emotional and physical healing to others and was intensely connected to the essence of life as most musicians are. I believe you would need all these above things in order to open a school like Raymond did. I believe he wanted us to know that it isn’t about us but is about others. I believe he had the heart and essence of Hahnemann within him. The energy that musicians bring forth in their music conveys emotional healing as they are reaching out with their heart to others. I believe Raymond’s music was a vehicle that led him to open this incredible school and an opportunity for every student that now attends and has attended this school of homeopathy. I believe Raymond wanted me to know through the encouragement he would express while grading my work that there was a greater purpose behind learning this art of homeopathy and because of Raymond’s vision and caring that I now have the image he wanted me to learn firmly planted not only in my head but in my heart that we truly need to care for others as he did. I could feel his gentleness in his nature as he would always respect my personal beliefs that I would express in my lesson work. As a musician myself and becoming homeopath, the greatest gift I can give as a tribute to Raymond is to finish my schooling and to continue learning this art for the rest of my life through caring for others and helping them along the journey of healing. I now understand from Raymond’s vision that we are here for a greater purpose than ourselves and I just want to thank him for having this most personal and greatest effect upon my life. I want to encourage every student that attends this school today that when it feels tough and gets difficult studying and learning this great art of homeopathy, to remember that every time Raymond is smiling down on you and encouraging you to keep on going and that he understood it can be tough at times. Thank you Raymond for your heart, life, music and for providing for me the greatest opportunity that I have ever encountered in my life to help others to heal and be whole. Perhaps I too “may be able to look down from heaven (someday) and peep through a hole and see that my work is well done.”(Constantine Hering) - Maria Abshire