Ray Edge
In 1994, Ray returned to Ontario from England where he had completed his Homeopathic studies at Misha Norland’s School of Homeopathy in Uffculme, Devon in 1989. There was a Homeopathic college here in Toronto at that time and they were more than happy to offer Ray a position teaching. Ray also started his private practice at The Toronto Healing Arts Centre at that time. Ray very quickly realized the deficiencies in the college he was teaching at, and knew he could provide a better education for homeopathic students. So he placed an ad in Vitality Magazine thinking that if he got 5 or 6 students, he could start a study group. 
To Ray's surprise, he ended up with close to 50 students enrolling for first year. There was such pent-up demand at the time for a good school. When students he had been teaching at the other school learned he was starting his own school, they were magnetized to Ray’s personality and quiet humble charm, and many of them transferred to his new school. So Ray launched his school with close to 100 students, from a standing start. And so, The Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine was born, and his good buddy, Adrian, who he knew from working together at the Spaghetti Factory (Ray was a server, and Adrian was a bus boy) became the school's accountant. 
Ray was operating The Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine from both The Toronto Healing Arts Centre  and Victoria College during the first year of classes, 1995 – 1996. He had attended a lecture on Homeopathy at The University of Toronto that Dr. Paul Saunders (ND) was teaching, and he asked Paul if he would teach for the new school he was planning, Paul accepted, and now in 2021 he is still teaching for CCHM. Dr. Joan Weir (ND) was practicing from The Toronto Healing Arts Centre at that time and Ray prevailed upon her to teach, and that lasted for about 22 years until such time as Joan retired. Also, Drs. Joseph Kellerstein and John Millar (both ND’s) joined TSHM by the 1996 – 1997 school year. Paul had asked Joe if he would like to join a discussion on Homeopathy for potential students that was going to occur at the Brunswick Theatre. So that is where Joe met Ray, they were all on stage together. After that, Ray invited Joe to join the faculty. John had been teaching, together with Ray, at the other college, and accepted a position with TSHM as well. TSHM's earliest teachers also included Dr. Marty Begin (ND) and Basil Ziv, from 1996 – 1997.
In 1997 The Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine moved the clinic and administration to Yorkville Avenue, in a beautiful little boutique office building, right next door to Lovecraft, a Toronto landmark at the time, which later became The Omega Centre. Ray held clinic there, but continued at Victoria College as well. 
Forward-thinking Raymond had applied for accreditation from a US-accrediting body in 1999 called the CHE, Council for Homeopathic Education, which ultimately became ACHENA, Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America. After meeting the rigours of that program, CCHM is the longest-running school today with the accreditation. In 2005, TSHM landed in it's current location, 1881 Yonge St. Toronto, which happens to be the same neighbourhood where Ray's ancestor founded The Upper Canada College in 1829. 
TSHM continued to turn out grads as TSHM through 2010, and then with so much interest from the rest of the country as well as the US and internationally, the College was rebranded and became The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine on Valentine’s Day, 2011. CCHM managed to navigate the tumultuous waters during the Ontario regulation period between 2010 and 2015, and still today enjoys the remarkable reputation that Ray built the college upon, and has become the only school to have ever done 27 continuous intakes in North America. 
Ray inspired, taught, and trained hundreds of other people in the medical art of homeopathy and leaves behind the most wonderful legacy of healing which will continue well past his own life span. While in practice, Raymond was a registered professional member of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH), the College of Homeopaths (CHO), and was also certified in classical homeopathy with the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC). Ray retired in 2019 from his positions as Dean, core lecturer, and clinical supervisor at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. We are all grateful to Raymond for his tremendous contributions to the field of homeopathy in Canada, and worldwide. He has done as much or more for homeopathy in North America than any individual in the past hundred years.
A couple quotes from the first year of classes:
“I always remember how easy going, approachable and soft spoken Ray was. I often thought he might break into a song... as he was lecturing. He was always quick with a 1 liner. As knowledgeable and talented other teachers were at our school, I think I enjoyed being in Raymond's classes the most. I always connected with what he was trying to get across to us. What a pleasure knowing him...” – from John Somerton, TSHM student #001, who also taught for TSHM for about 10 years, both in Toronto and also Fanshawe College in London, where TSHM also held classes for about 4 years prior to regulation.
‘’My strongest memory of Raymond is that he was always telling jokes during his lectures. He loved the audience. Also, in the beginning, there were not many other lecturers on board, so we had him for almost every class. It was an adjustment in second year to see so much less of him (the other lecturers were not as attractive :) and didn't tell jokes)”. – from Sandra Phipps
"Ray created not only an important school for homeopathy, but an incredibly loving community where so many lifelong friendships have been born." - Andrea Deal
"I was not fortunate enough to have met Raymond but I already know he was amazing. It takes amazing people to open and maintain a school of Homeopathy. To go against the mainstream and persevere in a targeted industry is nothing short of amazing. I know that he must have cared deeply for others and desired optimum health for everyone.” – Erica Holt